Matterhorn Bakery - Kelowna, BC

I’m making a quick stop at the Matterhorn Bakery for a snack before continuing on with the day. I stumbled upon the Matterhorn Bakery when I took a wrong left turn and found myself in a labyrinth of retail shops, eateries and a movie theatre. There are a number of grey haired ladies entering and exiting the tea room so I figure, why not?

London Fog ($3.55)

Beijing Bina Cooking House - Kelowna, BC

Beijing Bina Cooking House is a Chinese restaurant that offers a bit more variety than the average Golden-Dragon-Lotus-Inn type place out here in the interior. Most notably, Bina’s focus is on Mandarin cuisine, with a sprinkling of Sichuan. However, if you’re still hankering for the Chop-Suey-Sweet-n’-Sours, Beijing Bina offers a westernized-Chinese take-out menu on the side too.

Gele/Gula Mountain Chili Chicken ($16.88)

T & Y Bubble Tea - Kelowna, BC

**UPDATE: It seems T & Y has vamoosed.**

Summer weather is finally here! I’m in Kelowna for a short stretch, and found myself downtown and thirsty. I discover T&Y Bubble Tea on Bernard Street on this hot evening.

Everest Indian & Nepalese Cuisine - Kelowna, BC

I hope everyone had a good weekend. It seems many of you were enjoying time away by the looks of all the RVs, campers and caravans that were on the highways. Before heading out of Kelowna, we decide to have dinner, so we wouldn’t be famished by the time we got home.

This is Everest Indian and Nepalese Cuisine in Westbank.

Momo ($12.00)

Kekuli Café - Kelowna, BC

Every time I see the signage for Kekuli Café, I wish myself a merry Christmas à la Bing Crosby. Why? I don’t know. There is no reason for me to do this. Kekuli looks nothing like Kalikimaka, does it?

It is early in the morning, but the weather is already comfortably warm in Westbank. When I arrive, the outside patio tables are already occupied by early bird diners.


Bamboo Chopsticks - Kelowna, BC

Spending a few days in West Kelowna for a meeting; I arrive in town a little earlier than expected, so I went to grab some phở before Bamboo Chopsticks closes. Bamboo Chopsticks is a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant in Westbank. It is located in the Snyatan shopping complex. Bamboo Chopsticks sits opposite Winners and next to Mr. Mozzarella Pizza.

Dragon's Lair Specialty Teas - Kelowna, BC

**UPDATE 2013: Dragon's Lair is now an online tea business. You can still find them seasonally at the Westbank and Peachland summer markets.**

I make a quick stop for tea before heading out of Kelowna. I noticed this place when I was here eating at Suko Thai a while back. I read that they had bubble tea and made a mental note to stop in the next time I was in Westbank.

Wood Fire Bakery - Kelowna, BC

The Wood Fire Bakery is conveniently located on the main throughway in Kelowna, on the corner of Harvey Avenue and Barlee Road. I have several stops to make today. When I have to travel anywhere for work reasons I try to get some non work related errands done as well. I often end up trying to cram in way too many “to-do” items on my list.

I feel like I’ve been criss crossing the Bill Bennett Bridge all morning. I hate having to double back. I must’ve passed the Wood Fire Bakery a few times already this morning, before allowing myself a break for a quick lunch. Can anyone say no to Schweinshaxe? Clearly, I can not.

Amerigo’s Nuraghe Italian Cuisine - Kelowna, BC

**UPDATE MARCH 2013: Amerigo's Nuraghe Italian Cuisine has closed. Los Jarros Mexican Restaurant now occupies this space.**

I roll into Kelowna late and hungry. I stop at the first Italian looking restaurant I see: Amerigo’s Nuraghe Italian Cuisine.

Vietnam Village - Kelowna, BC

Phở again? Yes, phở again. I’m curious about beef noodle soup in Kelowna. I’ve been to the Vietnam Village before. Years ago. I can’t remember if it had the same name when I first visited. I have no idea if it is under the same ownership either. It still looks the same.

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