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Salted Brick - Kelowna, BC

I find myself at Salted Brick, which is a walk-by discovery for me. I’m trying to cut down on my cured meat intake, but I love simple charcuterie. Salted Brick is located on Bernard Avenue between the Paramount Theatre and Moo Lix Ice Cream.(Click here for my Moo Lix visit.)

Smoke's Poutinerie - Kelowna, BC

Before heading out to Kelowna I started some of my spring-time yard clean up. I always like to give myself a couple of days to rake up the debris under the cedar hedges. It seems raking only once is never enough. Even when I think I’ve done a good job underneath the hedges, the next morning it will look like I’ve done nothing as the copper coloured needles congregate under the conifers again. Are they “needles” or “leaves”...?

Madisens at the South Thompson Inn - Kamloops, BC

The South Thompson Inn Guest Ranch. I don’t get out this far for a meal very often but here I am again at Madisens. I haven't thought about this little restaurant tucked inside the South Thompson Guest Ranch for a while.

Sunmei Taiwanese Cuisine - Kamloops, BC

Hello again Kamloops. Yowza, there has been so many changes since I’ve been away. Some places have said farewell, while others have moved in to give it a go. Sunmei Taiwanese Cuisine is one of those places that moved in to give it a go. Sun Mei occupies the spot that used to house Warunee’s Thai. I saw A.L. was enjoying some lurofan a while back and had put Sun Mei on my places to check out when I rolled back into town.

Phat Albert's Weekday Cafe - Cache Creek, BC

A couple of years ago I gave up 91 minutes of my life to watching a low budge movie called Thirst. There is a small scene in the movie where the characters stop to eat in a diner. In real life, and in the movie, the diner was called Nag’s Stop. Nag’s Stop closed a while ago, but after some time elapsed the eatery re-opened as Phat Albert’s Weekday Café.

Fat Jack's Home-style Diner - Boston Bar, BC

A quick Fraser Canyon stop I’d like to share with you.
Okay, there are not a whole lot of decent places to stop for food in the Canyon, so thanks god for Fat Jack’s Home-style Diner. The restaurant sits next to the Mighty Fraser Motel which came under new proprietorship this past September. Apparently they are coastal transplants like me.

Pho Chilli #1 - Chilliwack, BC

Getting closer to home. Today's stop is Chilliwack.
I’ve contemplated Pho Chilli #1 on my way to Pho Galaxy a few times in the past, but always ended up at Pho Galaxy. The two restaurants are just down the street from one another. (I really should do a re-visit blog post for Pho Galaxy since it’s been a while and I think the broth is richer than the first time I went. Click here for my Pho Galaxy visit when they first opened.)

Ono's Sushi - Abbotsford, BC

So long Nanaimo! As I make my way back home I’ll share with you some places on the way. First stop is Abbottsford. I need London Drugs, but I also need an easy off-ramp-and-then-back-on-ramp to the highway type of London Drugs. Highstreet shopping centre fits these criteria.

Since I’m stopping I thought I might as well grab a bite to eat. Ono’s Sushi was the closest eatery to where I found a vacant parking stall. So Ono’s it is.

Ebi Sunomono ($5.00)

Hill Top Bistro - Nanaimo, BC

If you live in Nanaimo, I hope you have already eaten at the Hill Top Bistro. If you live in Nanaimo and haven’t yet been to Hill Top Bistro, you need to get your derrière in gear. You really have no excuse if you’re a Nanaimo-ite. This is my favourite meal to date in Nanaimo.

I remember when this area on Rutherford Road was just a few wooden buildings on the side of the road, housing a couple of grandma-friendly* stores like the Quilted Duck and some garden shop. The retail area seems to be much bigger now with several more buildings and a number of unique businesses and restaurants.

Danforth Deli: Chowder and Cheese - Nanaimo, BC

**UPDATE 2014: Sadly Danforth Deli is now closed. Nooooo!!....Why!??**

Okay so here’s the last of the Danforth Deli posts. The deli is in the midst of moving locations, and this particular visit pertains to the soon-to-be old location.

I'm making a quick back and forth trip between Nanaimo and Vancouver. Knowing the food options are limited at the Departure Bay ferry terminal, I brought with me a take-away late lunch from Danforth Deli. The last time I wrote about Danforth chowder it was a Nanoose Bay Clam Chowder. Click here for that bowl of goodness.

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