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Danforth Deli: Ice Cream - Nanaimo, BC

**UPDATE 2014: Danforth Deli is now closed. Nooooo....why!?**

As promised, I’m heading back to my diner-crush for ice cream. Before I take the three minute stroll down to Danforth Deli & Grill, I have to peel myself away from my number one distraction.

So yes, I currently have projects and assignments snowballing in front of me, but some of this is my own fault. As you know, I also procrastinate with the best of ‘em. I mentioned earlier I would share some of the reasons why I can’t seem to get work done.
Here’s one of the reasons:

Baby Seagull Chicks

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken - Nanaimo, BC

Apparently, Nanaimo is hurting for fried chicken. After temporarily re-locating to Nanaimo for an extended stint and telling y'all about my chicken dance with L.A. Chicken before heading over here, I received some emails from Nanaimo-ites expressing their frustration with the lack of fried poultry in this Harbour City.

Danforth Deli: Hamburgers - Nanaimo, BC

**UPDATE 2014: Danforth Deli is now closed. I'm so sad about this.**

Two Chefs Affair - Nanaimo, BC

After a detour to Ashcroft for produce I am back to the regular scheduled programming...Do you see what I mean about procrastinating?

2 Chefs Affair is a casual breakfast-lunch eatery located on Commercial Street just across from the Nanaimo public library. I am still working on a project that was due days ago. However, I have secured an extension. Thanks god.
I hit up 2 Chefs Affair as soon as they open, in order to get working straight away.

Desert Hills Ranch Farm Market - Ashcroft, BC

I interrupt my adventures in Nanaimo to bring you a quick trip that's closer to home. Some of you have been emailing me about Desert Hills Ranch and their yellow watermelons. Well my friends, they are now at The Wagon! Desert Hills produce wagon is one of my favourite stops during the summer and early fall.
(For my past visits to Desert Hill’s produce wagon click here and here.)

Hello Sushi - Nanaimo, BC

Oh my goodness. I am so behind in my work. I have an assignment due in a few days. I hope I make the deadline. This is making me a little sweaty and stressed.
But I gotta eat right? So I take a break and go for something quick.

Why hello there, sushi...

899 Kitchen Restaurant - Nanaimo, BC

I just finished running, coughing and wheezing around Vancouver. As my legs recover, I’ll tell you about a new restaurant in Nanaimo. It’s called 899 Kitchen. They opened a few weeks ago during the Marine Festival weekend. This Chinese restaurant is located in the old Wesley Street Café location, just in front of Bistro Taiyo in Nanaimo’s Old City Quarter.

I place my order and pay here. There is a touch screen terminal which allows me to peruse the small menu, make my choices and pay via cards. It will spit out a receipt, and I go sit down.

Perkins Coffee Company - Nanaimo, BC

One of the reasons why I love the summer months is the extended amount of daylight we get. I like to get out and about early in the morning and having daylight from 5am onwards makes my mornings so much more bearable. The downside to being out at the same time as the street sweeping machine is that an option for a hot beverage and morning pastry is sometimes difficult.

Danforth Deli - Nanaimo, BC

**UPDATE 2014: Sadly Danforth Deli is now closed. Nooooo!!....Why!??**

I am still in Nanaimo on special assignment. Since I’m here on Vancouver Island for several weeks, it makes more sense to rent a place rather than to hotel it. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against daily housekeeping services and fresh linens at my disposal, but hotel-living gets old really fast. And there are no major hotels here in Nanaimo to which I am a card-carrying loyalty member. So there’s that.

Phở A Dong - Nanaimo, BC

It’s the annual Nanaimo Marine Festival and Championship Bathtub Races today and this weekend. The Bathtub Days street fair looks like it is in full swing downtown on Commercial Street. I gave it a looksy.

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